Anthony's Buttonz

  Anthony's Buttonz is a simple learning game written in Visual Basic
  using OpenGL as the renderer, and DirectSound for audio.

  I worked on this project for a total of four days, so there
  will be bugs-- but it runs fine on my machine. I took the majority
  of the framework from a game I am working on to make this quick 
  and dirty learning game for my Son (yes his name is Anthony and that
  is his picture).

  The sound init code could cause problems for different systems, but
  can easily be fine tuned for your system.

  [ Requirements ]
    - An OpenGL capable graphics card 
    - A DirectSound capable sound card (DirectX8) 
    - Pentium III/Athlon or higher CPU 
    - 32MB Ram 

  [ Usage ]
    There is a compiled executable in the source zip, but
    the application defaults to a 800x600x32 resolution.
    This is easily changed in the Main() function, but that
    meens you would have to recompile the program; or just run
    it from within the IDE. Also, you have to install the included
    font (casual.ttf), this font is used to render the letters in 3D.

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